Statements by Senators – Covid-19, 6 March 2023

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (13:48): For three years, we’ve been censored, cancelled and ridiculed for simply questioning ‘the science’. The truth always comes out, one way or another, and the flood gates have opened. We’re now being exposed to so much truth that it makes one wonder: How many lies from authorities were ignorant? How many lies from authorities were ill-advised? How many lies were deliberate?

This week, the Murdoch owned published a damning article titled ’10 myths told by Covid experts — now debunked’:

Misinformation #1: Natural immunity offers little protection compared to vaccinated immunity


Misinformation #2: Masks prevent Covid transmission


Misinformation #3: School closures reduce Covid transmission


Misinformation #4: Myocarditis from the vaccine is less common than from the infection

Lie. Myocarditis is in fact six to 28 times more common after the COVID vaccine than after infection in young males.

Misinformation #5: Young people benefit from a vaccine booster


Misinformation #6: Vaccine mandates increased vaccination rates

Lie. They’re human rights abuses.

Misinformation #7: Covid originating from the Wuhan Lab is a conspiracy theory


Misinformation #8: It was important to get the 2nd vaccine dose 3 or 4 weeks after the 1st dose


Misinformation #9: Data on the bivalent vaccine is “crystal clear”

Lie. It was tested on eight mice—well, at least it wasn’t seven mice, so that’s a win, I guess!

Misinformation #10: One in five people get long Covid

Lie. Now tell me why the Prime Minister has not yet called for a royal commission into our pandemic response. Our authorities have caused damage. They’ve made errors on a scale that is impossible to comprehend. We must learn from these mistakes; we must not repeat them. Justice must be served. We need a royal commission. The UAP calls for one now.