1. Energy

We must adopt an approach to energy that is centered around efficiency and dependability.

I am open to pursuing any and all forms of energy generation in our nation; whether it is the adoption of natural gas, oil, coal, nuclear, or other innovative energy sources, ultimately it is the free market that should decide where our energy generation future lies. It is my primary desire to ensure that Australians enjoy affordable and stable power; whilst protecting our environment in real and measurable ways.

Australia has been endowed with rich resources, whether it be enormous uranium deposits or a variety of hydrocarbon wells, and I believe that Australians should be the beneficiaries of these resources by paying the least for energy on the planet. It is my duty to ensure that Australia’s energy resources are used to benefit Australians first. The rest of the world should only benefit from our surplus resources, if we so desire.

2. Net Zero

The ideology of Net Zero is dangerous. Not only economically for our nation, but socially. The ideology of Net Zero teaches us that carbon is poisonous whereas the reality is that carbon is an essential building block of life of earth. The only possible final outcome with the war on carbon is a war against life itself.

Our leader’s blind commitment to the religion of Net Zero is damaging and will continue to damage our nation’s economic future. Without cheap and abundant power it will simply be impossible for our nation to compete on the world stage.

We are shutting down our productive capacity and sending our businesses and our very future offshore to competing nations which do not subscribe to the sheer madness of Net Zero ideology.

The Australian Government must abandon its commitment to Net Zero and abolish any attempts to impose a tax on carbon emissions. Net Zero is an orchestrated wealth transfer from our nation to others.

The Net result of Net Zero will be Net Poverty.

3. Processing Australian Minerals at home

It is imperative for the prosperity of our nation that we process and enrich as many Australian commodities at home as possible. No longer will Australia merely be the quarry or the primary agricultural producer of the world, but rather Australia must become a producer of intermediate and finished goods.

By relaxing regulatory burden, taxation, red, and green tape we can create a more prosperous Australia. As an example Australia ships Iron Ore offshore and imports it back in the form of steel. This is madness.

4. International Trade Agreements

Australia must exit all Trade Agreements that do not directly benefit Australia and her people.

5. Unelected Foreign Bodies

Groups such as the United Nations, World Health Organisation and World Economic Forum, have far too much influence over the direction of our nation and the polices which we implement although I do not believe that an isolationist approach to foreign policy is best for Australia, I firmly believe that our national interests must be prioritised over the dictates of these unelected and frankly unaccountable organisations. Australia must always be at the centre of our decision making processes.

6. Critical Infrastructure

Many of our core infrastructure assets such as our ports, water and public utilities are monopolies and generally are not susceptible to traditional market forces. These assets are critical to the sovereignty and security of our nation. I believe that the sale of these strategically important assets to foreign companies, including foreign pension funds (which typically function as de facto monopolies), leave Australians vulnerable to a variety of risks. It is my belief that these key assets should be owned by Australians for Australians, and not by foreign corporations for foreigners.

7. Abortion

I believe that all lives are sacred and I will continue to do everything that I can to protect the lives of all children. I will always advocate for increased support for women who find themselves in unplanned pregnancies. I am committed to advocating for improvements to the adoption systems in Australia. There must be sufficient support for mother and baby so that abortion becomes unthinkable.

8. Euthanasia

A civilised society must do everything that it can to preserve life rather than end it. I believe that euthanasia laws are not in the best interests of the nation. I believe that the most appropriate way to aid those who are suffering is to provide them with appropriate medical care towards the end of their life and to ensure that no unnecessary suffering occurs.

9. Freedom of Speech and Assembly

Freedom of speech is the bedrock of our democracy and as such, freedom of speech should be enshrined in our nation’s founding document, our constitution. I am committed to seeing not only free speech protected in our nation, but also the free practice of religion, movement, medical autonomy and of association. I believe that Australians need a bill of rights (or equivalent) to protect our most basic freedoms from Government and corporate overreach. At no time in history have the freedoms of everyday Australians been so under threat.

10. Digital ID

I oppose Digital ID. In the wrong hands, a universal Digital ID represents one of the greatest threats to the liberties and freedoms of Australians. A central database of every person’s digital information could open the door not only to hacking but also to increased government control and coercion.

11. Social Credit

I wholeheartedly reject the creation of a social credit system of any form in Australia.

12. CBDC

The Central Bank Digital Currency must be rejected and has the potential to control all our lives to a granular level. One of the most significant risks posed by the adoption of a CBDC is that our government (or any of its agencies) could use this technology to dictate what a person can and cannot purchase, could set an expiry date on our money, or could simply turn off our ability to buy or sell. This is an enormous risk to the freedoms of Australians that far outweighs any of the supposed benefits of the CBDC.

13. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG)

ESG is a way for private groups to impose their ideologies on Australian businesses, governments and individuals through fear, coercion and economic duress. I stand against any attempts by any group to dictate how Australian businesses should behave and interact, and firmly believe that the free market should ultimately decide how scarce resources are allocated.

14. Deregulation

Australia is an over governed and overregulated nation. I believe that we would be best served by removing many superfluous laws. I am committed to doing all I can to reduce and remove any legislation that prevents the flourishing of all Australians.

15. Family Values

I believe that families are the bedrock of our nation. I will advocate for policies, legislation and other initiatives that support and promote strong families. It is my opinion that a mother and father in a strong union provides the best foundation for children and gives them the best chance in life. As a result of many thriving families, we as a country will likewise thrive.

16. School Vouchers

The Australian educational system is currently failing the youth of our nation. Despite the billions of dollars that we are pouring into the system we are seeing our educational standards fall.

I believe that the educational system in this nation should be reviewed, including by promoting competition in the Australian educational framework, such as introducing a school voucher system whereby parents would receive a set amount of government funding per student (that would otherwise be automatically given to an educational institution), and that the parents should decide where their tax payer money is allocated for their children’s schooling.

17. Childcare

I believe that a government incentive should be offered to family members who care for an infant in their family. A subsidy to families that elect to care for their own children will be a cost saving measure to the budget and a means of encouraging intergenerational relationships.

18. Agriculture

– We should seek to build more dams to increase capacity to irrigate and to capitalise on times of flood for future benefit.

– Prohibit foreign ownership of agricultural land (grandfather existing) and offer only leasehold terms to foreign investors.

– Restore sustainable native timber harvesting in all states.

– Water is a scarce resource that has been commoditised. I believe in prohibiting foreign ownership of water in Australia (grandfather existing).

– Domestic production and supply of chemicals and fertilizer must be encouraged, we have too many eggs in one basket and we must learn from recent supply chain issues.

19. Gender Confusion

Children are too young to make life changing decisions. We do not let children drink or smoke, vote or drive a car, why would we allow them to irreversibly alter their body via gender surgery or drugs? Kids must be protected from any program that attempts to normalise irreversible interventions as a solution to any perceived problem.

20. Industrial Relations

Employers and employees deserve more freedom to negotiate with respect to their working relationship. We must remove prohibitive workplace regulations that stifle productivity.

21. Elections

Voter ID laws must be introduced to ensure fair and transparent elections and to eliminate any potential for fraud. Electronic voting must not be introduced in Australia.

22. Migration 

We should be selective on the people we allow into our country. We should promote migration from countries which share similar cultural values. Migrants must embrace our way of life and contribute to the fabric of Australia. Our focus should be on skilled migration.

23. Firearms

I believe in the right to responsible firearm ownership as a bulwark to authoritarianism.

24. Post Covid-Pandemic Policies

I will continue to fight for a Royal Commission into the government’s response to Covid-19, specifically to review the decisions made and actions taken around lockdowns, mandates, closure of borders, and accumulation of government debt.

Additionally, I will continue to seek answers for unexplained excess mortality, and fight to end the granting of indemnity to pharmaceutical companies.

25. Defence

Our nation is too heavily reliant on the good graces of our allies for our protection. In an increasingly uncertain world where the world order is rapidly shifting we need to put more emphasis on the growth, maintenance and promotion of our defence forces.

26. Income Splitting

I believe that families should have the option to have one parent at home during the very important formative years. Income splitting would allow the income of the working parent to be split with the stay-at-home parent for tax purposes, thereby giving them more after-tax income and reducing the need for both parents to work. This would allow parents to keep more of their own money and is more effective than handing out taxpayer funded cash.

27. Index Tax Brackets

We must combat bracket creep by adopting an annual tax indexing policy to adjust the various rates of taxation in response to inflation and to avoid increased taxes by stealth.

28. Make EV’s Pay Their Way

Combustion engine vehicles currently pay a fuel excise of 49.6 cents per litre, plus GST. This was originally designed to fund infrastructure and contributes billions in revenue to the federal government. Electric Vehicle owners do not pay this excise and the roads they use are being subsidised by owners of petrol vehicles. We must make sure electric vehicles pay their fair share.

29. Separation of Church from the State

In recent years we’ve seen the government encroach on the right of people to practice their religion. We must keep the state out of churches, upholding true religious freedom.

30. Citizen Initiated Referenda

Allow the citizens of Australia to initiate the introduction of legislation into Parliament that provides for the holding of a referendum to alter the Constitution.

31. GST

To give Australian retailers a level playing field, we propose a reduction of the GST rate charged on Australian made products.

32. DEI

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Diversity (DEI) principles should not exclude those who are better qualified from obtaining jobs or positions of authority in our society.