Soaring Excess Deaths

We demand an inquiry into unexplained and excess deaths.

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Recently Senator Ralph Babet attempted to create a committee to investigate Australia’s highest excess mortality rate in over 80 years. Just 4 Senators voted in favour. 4 out of 76! This is a disgrace and the Australian People deserve better.

We all know there’s a problem, but our leaders and the media are silent, this should be front-page news.

According to Actuaries Institute figures, Australia experienced 20,200 excess deaths in 2022, the greatest number since World War II. This is a staggering 12% excess mortality for the year.

What’s more alarming is that the Actuaries Institute states that just under half of the excess mortality had no link to Covid-19. We’re seeing significant excess mortality across all age groups, even among young people.

Imagine if a Boeing 737 crashed. Imagine how tragic that would be. Surely the government would have something to say then? But what if a 737 crashed every two to three days for 12 straight months? That’s what we’re dealing with here. The data from the ABS and Actuaries clearly shows this, albeit in a more silent way.

Please sign this petition and share with your family and friends. Let’s make this go viral. We need to send a message to our elected members on behalf of the Australian people.

The truth matters.

Yours sincerely,

Sen. Ralph Babet

Senator Babet
Senator for Victoria