Join The Movement


Remember courage is contagious and if you want change, real measurable change, then it comes from you, it doesn’t come from me. Take an interest in the political process and take an interest in who governs you. God bless you and God bless our nation.

If you are a proud Australian, a lover of truth and defender of freedoms Join The Movement to fight for a better Australia!

If you are concerned about the erosion of liberty and opportunity in our nation, and are alarmed at the growing restrictions on our freedom, do something about it.

If you want to protect your family and ensure that your Government exercises fiscal responsibility, step up and hold them to account.

If you want your hard work to be rewarded and leave Australia better than you found it, fight for it.

If you want our nation to remain great and want to see your politicians make decisions based on the national interest, not that of unrepresentative globalist bodies, this is your opportunity.

If you value individual freedom and transparency, demand it.

If you want to protect the rights of children, stand up.

Join The Movement today and support me.

Yours sincerely,

Sen. Ralph Babet

Senator Babet
Senator for Victoria