The bill that was originally created by George Christensen and re-introduced by Matt Canavan with support from Senators Ralph Babet and Alex Antic has received overwhelming support.

United Australia Party Senator Ralph Babet alongside his Senate colleagues Senators Canavan and Antic recently introduced a very important bill in the Federal Senate, the Human Rights (Children Born Alive Protection) Bill 2022. If passed, this bill would ensure that children who are born alive after a failed abortion are rendered medical care. On average one child is born alive per week in Queensland and Victoria. 

UAP Senator Ralph Babet is defending the rights of babies born alive following a botched abortion. “Nobody is more vulnerable than a newborn baby. All of us are here because of the love and care that others gave us at birth. Yet in a country that prides itself on championing the fair go, not all newborns are equal,” Senator Babet said.

“There are many states in Australia where the law remains silent on this critical issue of human rights.

“Some will say that this isn’t an issue, but the data shows that on average, every week in Queensland and Victoria combined, a baby is born alive and left to die following an abortion. 

“Our bill was fortunate enough to be referred to committee stage. Public hearings will commence this Thursday the 8th of June. Nine courageous groups will be attending Parliament House in Canberra to testify in support of our vital bill.

“Public submissions have been received and of those successfully uploaded for public viewing a staggering 85% express strong support for our bill. This clearly shows that the Australian people are overwhelmingly in favour of our bill.

“Submissions have been received from doctors, nurses, midwives, IVF technicians, veterans, teachers, scientists, parents, and grandparents.

“Our politicians cannot ignore such strong support. This bill must proceed, and it must pass, not only for children, but for our medical professionals.

“Submission number 40 by Professor Joanne Howe refers to the NT Coroner’s judgement of the inquest into the death of Jessica Jane. Jessica Jane was born alive as the result of a failed abortion and placed on a metal kidney dish, in an empty room for approximately 80 minutes until she died.  According to Nurse Williams who delivered her, although premature, Jessica Jane was apparently healthy, had no apparent abnormalities and her vital signs were relatively good. Jessica was left to die slowly where she lay. The nurse informed the coroner, ‘I desperately wanted to do more, but felt my hands were tied’.

“This bill will ensure that these unwanted babies receive the same standard of care as any other baby, with a chance at life if possible, and with every effort to ease their suffering if death is inevitable. The bill will not only protect the rights of the baby and his or her parents, but the rights of healthcare workers who are entitled to the full protection of the law as they go about the duty of looking after those in their care.

“Everything these days is backwards. Good is bad and bad is good. Not on my watch, I will always stand up for what is right. All life is precious, and I will never apologise for saving babies, or at very least ensuring that care is rendered while they die,” said Senator Babet.