Statements by Senators – Victorian Government, 26 September 2022

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (13:52): Victorians have had enough. Victorians have had enough of the lies, the cover-ups and the corruption. Victorians are sick of living their lives under a man whose incompetence is matched only by the ability to deny responsibility for the mess that he and he alone has created.

Victorians are sick of the economic mismanagement. The state has a projected debt of $170 billion plus. That is greater than the combined debt levels of New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania. Victorians have had enough of the government interfering in their lives, their businesses and their homes, with absurd overreach, like the permanent pandemic powers which have enabled one man to act like a quasi-dictator. Victorians have had enough of the erosion of their parental rights and seeing their children exposed to inappropriate sexualised content in the classroom. Victorians have had enough of one man, his government and his incompetence as a leader.

The red shirt scandal, slug gate, hotel quarantine, no ambulances, school closures, toxic soil in the west, the belt and road fiasco—which resulted in the Morrison government having to step in and block the deal—a health system on the verge of collapse after years of neglect, elective surgery waiting lists that are amongst the longest in the Western world, suicides, family breakdown, misuse of public funds, cover-ups, bankrupt small businesses, divorces, closed playgrounds, closed beaches, five kilometres from your home, the most locked down city the world has ever seen—the list just goes on and on. Victorians want to move on. Victorians want to heal. They want room to breathe and to live their lives without fear. Victorians: remember this November, and never forget what you went through. Victorians: make your voice heard. Chairman Dan—he’s got to go.