Senator Babet has spoken up in defence of all Australians who are struggling through the cost-of-living crisis which is getting progressively worse.

“The Albanese Labor government came to power promising a plan to address the cost-of-living crisis, but in the 12 months since taking power, the Labor government has presided over rising inflation, rising interest rates, and rising electricity prices, with no plan beyond apportioning blame,” Senator Babet said.

“Bill Shorten blames rising power prices on the inaction of the previous government. Jim Chalmers blames rising interest rates on the Reserve Bank. The Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese blames rising inflation on Vladimir Putin. Meanwhile, Australian homeowners, renters and small business operators are suffering under the weight of increase costs.

“Homeowners are now spending up to a third of their wage servicing their mortgages. An unsustainable arrangement.

“Renters, if they are lucky enough to find an available property, are being hit with never-ending increases at the same time that the government ramps up the migration intake. Another unsustainable arrangement.

“Small business operators, stung by the ever-increasing cost of power required to operate, are being hit further still with higher wage bills that threaten to send many to the wall.

“Meanwhile, there is no acknowledgement from the government that the billions splashed out during the lockdown, or that industrial relations reforms hiking wages at the expense of productivity, or that out-of-control spending on the NDIS are fuelling the inflation they claim to be so worried about.

“Long-suffering Australians are sick of this government’s excuses and finger pointing is not a plan.

“How many more interest rate rises will ordinary Australians have to suffer before the Albanese government takes action to address the real causes of our economic malaise? 

“The government has failed everyday hardworking Australia,” he said.