Statements by Senators – Victoria: State Election, 23 November 2022

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (13:48): The proposition facing Victorians this Saturday is a simple one: do we reward the Premier, Daniel Andrews, with a third term, or do we not? It is an important question, because, as everybody knows, you get what you reward. If you reward corruption, you can expect more corruption. If you reward lies, you can expect more lies. If you reward incompetence, you can expect more incompetence. A vote for Premier Daniel Andrews on Saturday will only serve to reward the worst premier in Australia’s recent history. And that’s saying something, because, as far as history goes with premiers, there have been some doozies. But Premier Dan Andrews is in a league of his own, with the Belt and Road Initiative with the CCP, triple 0 waiting times, the world’s longest lockdown and multiple IBAC corruption inquiries. How many? Five! That’s how many. Any one of those things on their own is enough of a reason to kick Premier Daniel Andrews and his failed government to the kerb. Taken together, though, they are failings so epic that future generations will study this period of Victorian history as a warning of what can happen when stupidity is rewarded at the ballot box. Never again.

When Victorians go to the polls on Saturday they should not reward Premier Daniel Andrews with more time to destroy Victoria. Victorians must not reward incompetence; they must punish it. Victorians must not embolden corruption. We must cut it out like the cancer that it is. Victorians must not honour a dishonourable man by electing him for a third time to the highest office in our state. Victoria deserves better, and, let’s face it, anything—anything—is better than Premier Dan Andrews. Sack Dan Andrews!