Federal leader of the United Australia Party, Senator Ralph Babet, advised of yet another major encroachment on the basic human rights of the Australian people.

The ticket sales platform Eventbrite has decided to cancel the  sale of tickets for the upcoming Covid-19 Vaccine Conference, due to be held in early February, in locations across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. The email states that the event does not comply with Eventbrite’s community guidelines.

The event is to feature headline speaker, Dr Peter A. McCullough, who is arguably the world’s leading cardiologist and foremost expert regarding Covid-19. He has over 1,000 publications and 600 citations in the National Library of Medicine.

Senator Babet said “Thousands of free-thinking Australians have woken today to find a disturbing email from ticket provider Eventbrite. The platform has decided to refund all tickets to the United Australia Party’s upcoming Covid-19 Vaccine Conference.

“This action by Eventbrite proves once again that the basic right to freedom of speech, thought and association is under threat.

“The event sold out in less than 24 hours and there are thousands of disappointed people across our great nation who just wanted to hear from a medical professional regarding what has been arguably the worst 2 years in living memory.

“People are losing faith in Big Tech, people are sick of government overreach.

“Thousands of everyday Australians have booked flights, accommodation and leave from work just to attend our conference and we will not let them down. People are travelling from interstate just to attend this event.

“We do not fear censorship. The show will go on and we will make alternative plans. We will expand our capacity and secure more space on our venues so that more Australians can participate in our important conference. Doctors must not and should not be silenced.

“Our party exists because the major parties no longer stand for the basic rights that have made Australia a shining beacon for freedom and liberty in this world.

“We will continue fight big tech censorship, Government overreach and misinformation spread by those who have a vested interest in continuing the fear built around the Covid narrative,” said Senator Babet.