Louise Elliot is a suspended Councillor for the City of Hobart. She is currently suspended from her duties as a Councillor for 30 days for speaking in defense of Women’s rights. One of Louise’s great crimes was attending a “Let Women Speak” rally, organised by Kellie-Jay Keen.

United Australia Party Senator Ralph Babet has thrown his full support behind the persecuted Louise Elliot of Tasmania. Elliot has been temporarily stood down as a Councillor with the Hobart City Council.

“Louise is a proud Australian who possesses the courage and conviction that we should expect of our elected representatives”, Senator Babet said.

“Having flown to Hobart to meet Louise and hear her story firsthand, I see her case as a test of our right to free and political speech.

“What happened to the old Women’s rights movement? It’s 2024 and people like Louise are being accused of hatred for simply stating biological facts and standing up for Women’s rights.

“Whatever happened to the tolerant left? Speaking the truth is not hatred. Where are Women’s rights advocates? They should be standing with Louise and supporting her.

“Louise and her family have been harassed and intimidated by those who profess values of tolerance and acceptance.

“I urge all freedom loving Australians to support Louise. Send her a message and donate to her cause. Free speech is precious, and we must do all we can to defend it.”