Matters of Urgency – Albanese Government, Tuesday 27 February 2024

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (17:37): I rise in support of Senator Hanson’s motion. It is an easy one to support, isn’t it? The Prime Minister, Mr Albanese, just keeps messing up over and over again. I, like many other Australians at this point, have zero confidence in this Labor government—zip, zilch, nada, not even an ounce. This Albanese Labor government can’t or won’t control immigration. They have greenlit more than a million people to come into this country not because they are altruistic but because it is a Ponzi scheme to prop up our GDP. This Albanese government can’t or won’t police our borders because the boats are back. The Albanese government can’t or won’t protect children from dangerous ideologies of all types—from climate alarmism to gender confusion and Marxism. This Labor government can’t or won’t hold a royal commission into the handling of the COVID response. They are trying to sweep it under the carpet—nothing to see here! They won’t even support my motion to investigate excess deaths or stand up for mandated workers.

Well, Prime Minister, today I have some good news today, Queensland’s mandatory COVID vaccine orders have been proven to be unlawful in the Supreme Court. I thank Mr Clive Palmer, who bankrolled that action. The Albanese government can’t or won’t solve the cost-of-living crisis, probably because its own reckless renewable energy policy is one of the key drivers of rising prices. The only thing renewable about renewable energy is the cost. The only thing green about green energy is the money. I repeatedly say the government can’t or won’t do this, or do that because I am still not sure whether this government’s total ineptitude is due to incompetence or whether it is intentional. The Prime Minister shows more enthusiasm for Taylor Swift—or, as he likes to call her, Tay Tay—than he does for governing our nation.

He wasted millions on a divisive—and frankly, in my opinion, racist—referendum that tried to divide us by colour. But don’t worry. Shake it off, right? He promised to lower energy prices and he promised to deliver us—and I know we keep saying this—$275 off our power bills. Where is mine, Mr Prime Minister? Don’t worry; shake it off. He said, ‘Under our plan, no family will be worse off but almost all families will be better off.’ Now, for those playing at home, do you feel like you’re better off? I don’t feel like I’m better off. Don’t worry; shake it off.

And 149 dangerous detainees were released into the community. He shakes it off, just as the detainees have shaken off their government-supplied electronic monitoring bracelets. Rising cost of living: shake it off. He said, ‘Labor has real lasting plans for cheaper mortgages.’ Well, guess what? Mortgages are through the roof. We’ve had 12 interest rate rises under this Labor government, and Australians are paying $24,000 per year extra on a $750,000 mortgage. Shake that off.

He promised to make no changes to super. Guess what? He made changes to super. He promised not to touch franking credits. Guess what? He touched franking credits. Do you know what he can’t shake off? He can’t shake off his litany of failures—and they are mounting up for all to see. On Saturday the Prime Minister made a special appearance at a private function where he joined a crowd of 200 political and business elites to live out their teenage dreams with none other than Katy Perry. Forget the bushfires destroying regional Victoria. Clearly there is no better way to restore your image and relate to the common man than to spend your time hanging out with foreign pop stars and other elites.

Mr Prime Minister, the Australian people are wide awake, and I suspect and expect that they’ll make their voices heard and they will shake off this government. And do you know what? All of us here in this place—well, at least on one side of this chamber—and everyone playing at home will be better off for it.