All Australians should have a voice that unites us as a country, Federal Leader of the United Australia Party, Senator Ralph Babet, said today.

“We have a diverse country so all voices should be heard,’’ Senator Babet said.

“The Government’s outdated approach to equality is to grant rights to be heard to some, while ignoring the voice of others.

“All Australians should have a voice that will unite us.

“Nelson Mandela dedicated his life to democracy and equality, Martin Luther King did all he could so that children could walk hand and hand through the fields of Georgia regardless of the colour of their skin.

“Malcom Fraser wanted all Australians to be equal, embracing multiculturalism and greater rights for First Nations people.

“From all over the world we come, but we must speak with one voice,” Senator Babet said.

Senator Babet said that granting any minority group extra rights based on colour or culture introduced a new form of apartheid which would lead to resentment and victimisation.

“I want all Australians to be valued equally. I want Australia to be united,’’ he said.

“Anthony Albanese’s voice will divide this country. The reality is, all Australians born here are indigenous to Australia and we should all have equal rights.

“It is about time the Prime Minister told Australians why it’s necessary to divide them.

“When Australians went to war they didn’t go as Greek or French, they went as Australians and it’s Australians we must remain.”

Senator Babet said the Federal Parliament must represent all Australians, not special interests.

“No Australian should have extra legal rights because of colour or race, we must all be equal under the law.

“We come from all the lands on earth and speak in one voice. We are Australian,’’ he said.