STATEMENTS BY SENATORS – Local Government, Wednesday 6th November, 2023

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (13:48): The left-leaning Yarra Council has introduced a new flag policy—a policy that has Marxism written all over it. This new policy will see 20 minority flags, including nine different ‘LGBTQI minus-sign, divided-by sign, square-root sign flags’ flying alongside the Australian flag throughout the year. The council’s three town halls will display the Australian flags, the Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flags daily, but a fourth flagpole will be installed at each location so councillors can virtue signal year-round.

Allow me to list some of the flags that the Yarra Council intends to fly—some of the fetish flags, in my opinion.

There’s the aromantic flag, the asexual flag, the bisexual flag, the Brisbane Lions football club flag—because why not?—the intersex inclusive pride flag, the lesbian flag, the Morning Star flag—whatever the heck that is—and the non-binary flag of course. The pansexuals are not forgotten—they get a flag day as well. They’ll display the transgender flag and the Vietnamese yellow flag. God knows the council wouldn’t be doing their job if they didn’t also fly the United Nations flag.

But get this—and this is even worse—three times a year, including on Australia Day, the Australian flag will be removed completely and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags will be flown at half-mast. Here is an idea. Why don’t the Yarra council ditch their virtue-signalling plan for flags of many colours and just raise the white flag instead? It’s time for an election in Yarra. It’s time to clear all of these people out. We are all Australians. It’s about time we started acting like it. Run that up your flagpole.