“Vicki’s heart condition has progressively worsened over the past 8 years, she has suffered heart failure and has come close to death. She has survived the past three years with the assistance of bi-ventricular assist devices. These devices are surgically inserted on both sides of her heart and act like an artificial heart to pump blood through her body. Sadly, the average life expectancy for patients with these devices is 4 years. This means that her time is quickly running out,” Senator Babet said.

“A heart transplant has always been on the cards for Vicki. In 2021, because of her heart condition, she was granted an exemption from Covid-19 vaccination (which meets the ATAGI guidelines) by her doctor. As these vaccinations are known to sometimes have adverse impacts on heart health. Any reaction to the injection could be fatal for Vicki.

“Despite her exemption, transplant specialists at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne refused to list Vicki on the transplant recipient list unless she submitted to the mRNA injection. They insisted on a ‘no jab, no heart policy.’

“I have been bringing Vicki’s situation to the attention of the public and have written to the Victorian Health Minister, the Federal Health Minister and spoken of Vicki’s plight in the Senate Chamber. Unfortunately my attempts have fallen on deaf ears.

“Vicki has also challenged the Alfred Hospitals decision to deny her a transplant in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal. The hospital has consistently refused to change their decision, Vicki has thus decided to withdraw her appeal.

“Family, friends, and members of the public are outraged at the life-threatening discrimination. But Vicki and her husband John aren’t quitters. A fundraiser has been set up to help Vicki fly overseas for the heart transplant she needs. So far, they have only raised a few thousand of the $400,000+ they will need to pay for the surgery.

“We must do everything we can to help Vicki and give her a chance to be the mother she wants to be for her children, the wife to her husband and a fine upstanding member of our community,” Senator Babet said.

If you would like to help save Vicki’s life, you can contribute to her fund at Donorbox. https://donorbox.org/heart4vicki