Senator Statements – Select Committee on Australia’s Excess Mortality, Wednesday, 18 October 2023

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (13:47): In March this year, I asked the Senate to
establish a select committee to investigate excess deaths and unexplained mortality in our nation. At that time, back in 2022, there had been tens of thousands—tens of thousands—of excess deaths reported. It was like a full passenger plane—a big one; one of those jet aircraft—crashing every single week for 11 months, without explanation or investigation. Yet, incredibly, the Senate refused to establish it. Only four senators—just four—had the courage to back my committee.

Now, it wasn’t just the Senate that was determined to ignore the elephant in the room. With a few honourable exceptions, it was the entire political class in Australia, and at every level. Thankfully, there was one group that didn’t turn their backs on the Australian people in their time of need: the medical experts at the Australian Medical Professionals Society, otherwise known as AMPS. They stepped up to
the plate and did the hard work that my colleagues in this place, unfortunately and shamefully, refused to do. Now they have put their findings in a book titled Too Many Dead: An Inquiry into Australia’s Excess Mortality. This is bound to attract attention around the world.

As I speak in this chamber, AMPS are here in Canberra presenting their findings to elected members and senators and their staff. I urge my colleagues in this place to have a heart—hopefully one that’s not scarred with vaccine-induced myocarditis—and to take the time to listen to these medical experts and, most importantly, to act. The time has come to act. Australians still continue to die in large numbers, and, unfortunately, the inaction in this place speaks volumes.