“It was obvious at the last council meeting that there was overwhelming public displeasure in the community regarding this event. Public concern centred around the use of ratepayer money to host what many residents believe is inappropriate content for children aged 1-6.

“As a Senator elected to represent the people of Victoria, I have received an overwhelming amount of communication from concerned parents and grandparents on this issue. I will continue to advocate for the innocence of children. We have a duty to ensure that the content our children are exposed to is age-appropriate and not confusing.

“Some have attempted to paint those opposing this event as right wing, but they really are just concerned mothers, fathers and grandparents. I condemn the far left extremists who have attempted to hijack this event and stoke violence. 

“It is time for a civilised debate where both sides of the argument can be heard and respected.

“The only thing a 1-6 year old should know about sex and gender is that girls have cooties and boys are gross!

“I thank the public for your support and promise to always put our most vulnerable Australians first,” Senator Babet said.