Matter of Public Importance – Budget, 10 May 2023

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (16:59): Everyone’s a winner in Treasurer Chalmers’s budget unless you understand that inflation is a tax that doesn’t require legislation. It’s a tax that hurts our most vulnerable. We’ve got a surplus, for now. There are no tough decisions in this budget. Courage is not the Treasurer’s strong point. The unions are happy. The globalists are happy. The big corporates are elated.

Productivity-boosting measures are non-existent in this budget. It’s all about big government and short-term fixes to large problems, often created by the very government that chooses to ignore them.

If we want our country to head in a better direction, increase our standard of living and help the disadvantaged, the solution is not more spending or big government. The solution is cutting red tape and green tape, removing barriers for business and promoting entrepreneurial attitudes. The solution is growing the pie so that everyone can eat.