Matters of Public Importance – Tibet, 20 Jun 2023

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (16:49): The Greens want us to take a stand for the religious freedom of Buddhist monks in Tibet, and rightly so. I agree with that. But what about the freedom of the Catholics right here in the ACT. Just up the road their freedoms are being trashed. It is interesting that the Greens, to my left, want to pontificate on the rights of the Dalai Lama but are keeping mum on the rights of Catholic health professionals to maintain Calvary Hospital right here in our nation’s capital. If we care about religious rights, how about we call on the Labor government to end its immoral takeover of Calvary? How about demanding that the Prime Minister, Mr Albanese, respect the religious rights of Catholics and Christians? Or perhaps my friends over here care more about Buddhists overseas than Catholics right here at home?