Senator Babet secures a win for the people. Vaccine indemnity to be investigated.

Following debate of his Private Senators bill in the Australian senate today, United Australia Party Senator Ralph Babet has successfully had his bill, the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Amendment (Vaccine Indemnity) Bill 2023 referred to a Senate Committee for review.

This bill seeks to end the practice of vaccine indemnities, which absolve the pharmaceutical industry from responsibility for their products and places the financial and legal burden onto Australian taxpayers.

“This is a huge win for transparency and accountability,” Senator Babet said.

“The issuing of indemnity, which is essentially writing a blank cheque on behalf of taxpayers to big pharmaceutical companies, will receive the detailed analysis it deserves through the committee process. The committee is due to report back in March 2024.

“It appears the only herd immunity achieved throughout this entire Covid-19 vaccination campaign is of big pharmaceutical companies from liability.

“The question of whether this bill is supported or not will be a test of our elected representatives. Do they represent the people of Australia, or will they sell out to the big pharmaceutical companies? Time will tell.” he said.