Statements by Senators – Covid-19: Vaccination, 8 February 2023

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (13:48): I rise here today to speak of a most distressing situation. That situation is the disastrous effect of vaccine mandates. I know that there are some here in this place that wish this issue was forgotten and swept under the rug. But a lot of people are still suffering right now. Obviously we all know that people have lost their jobs, but arguably worse is that people have also been denied medical care. Let’s be honest—it’s still an experimental, zero-long-term-safety-data mRNA injection.

I would like to bring to the attention of the Senate the inhumane treatment of Vicki, one of my constituents in Victoria. Vicki, a 47-year-old mother of two, is suffering from serious heart failure, and she has been denied a heart transplant by the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. This denial is based on her choice not to take the mRNA injection, even though she has a legal exemption in line with ATAGI guidelines—which the hospital refuses to acknowledge. It is well documented that these injections can cause heart issues like myocarditis and pericarditis.

For Vicki, vaccination may increase the risk associated with her already failing heart. She’s suffering physically and psychologically. She’s currently on life support and has an external pump attached to her that helps her heart to move blood around her body. It is a matter of life and death for her. This hospital is adamant that it will not list her for lifesaving heart transplant surgery, even though she is medically ready and she has undertaken all the tests required.

Vicki is just one example of how these mandates are hurting people. We must lift the mandates. We must allow people like Vicki to get the lifesaving treatment that they need.