Statements by Senators – Victoria State Election, 30 November 2022

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (13:48): To all the UAP candidates and volunteers who worked very hard during the Victorian election, although not the result that we all wanted to see, I say thank you. It gives us a target to work towards for the next election, which will be here before we know it. To our candidates: you worked long hours day in, day out. You sacrificed personal events and time with your families, and you were always available after hours to get on with the job of running a campaign. Well done to you.

To our volunteers: thank you. Through two long pre-poll weeks with all four of Melbourne’s seasons, blisteringly hot one day, windy and cold the next—you’ve got to love Melbourne weather—you did it and you did it with a smile on your face. You stood up for the values that you believe in. Across our great state, from Warrnambool to Wodonga, from Narre Warren to Wallen, out you went, day after day.

I congratulate Premier Daniel Andrews on his election victory and wish him the best for his next term as Premier of Victoria. We should take heart from the fact that the best of our state is in front of us and not behind us. We must now come together as Victorians. Together we can do more than if we are apart. We must move on from the past and instead look towards our future and what we can achieve.

We will of course continue to hold the Premier’s government to account on all matters and continue to provide alternative solutions and ideas to the status quo. We will not stop championing what we believe in: fiscal responsibility; traditional Australian family values; individual liberties; a smaller government; less bureaucratic red and green tape; lower taxes; freedom of speech, of thought and of association; and the support of free enterprise. To the candidates, members, volunteers and supporters of the UAP: thank you; the best is yet to come.