The United Australia Party senator told Sky News last night that the book – which provides graphic details on sex acts – was completely unsuitable for children.  

“I have serious concerns over the graphic sexual content in this book,” Senator Babet said.   

“I have written to the Labor Communications Minister, Michelle Rowland, Australian Classification Board and Opposition Leader Peter Dutton. I am seeking an explanation as to how this book escaped the relevant classifications and also requesting that they reclassify this material in order to keep it away from children.   

“I want this book appropriately classified and removed from the reach of young children and I am willing to lead this charge.   

“In my opinion, this book is not, as it claims to be, about sex education. It is a graphic ‘how-to’ guide on sex acts that is completely unsuitable for children.  

“Not only does the book describe intimate sex acts in detail, it also advises children that if they decide to send nude pictures of themselves, they should crop their faces out of the picture. How about we encourage children not to send nude pictures at all?  

Many retailers continue to sell this book both online and in store. 

“Corporations are always going on about their ‘social responsibility’. Well, here’s an opportunity for a major retailer to trade in line with community expectations,” Senator Babet said.