On the eve of the 2022 Federal Election, the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) dragged the United Australia Party’s Craig Kelly into court at midnight, seeking to prevent him from campaigning on election day. Why? Because they argued the font size used for the authorisation on his campaign signs was too small.

That case failed, and in my opinion, out of spite, the AEC then dragged Mr Kelly to court for a second time for the font size used on his election posters. Today the AEC have failed again! The case was dismissed and Mr Kelly was awarded costs.

This comes at huge expense to the tax payer, the AEC is estimated to have spent around $1 million dollars of taxpayer money, in a cost of living crisis, over font size!

The AEC tried to punish Mr Kelly and the UAP because we are a threat to the establishment. Today, Mr Kelly has been vindicated.

This has been a drain on the UAP and Mr Kelly. Even though the case has been dismissed, we had to endure the process. This is how the establishment punishes those it deems a threat, by using the system and the process to drain you emotionally and financially.

The people responsible for this massive waste of taxpayer money must be sacked and the commissioner of the AEC should resign. The AEC has a lot to answer for, and in my opinion is an organisation that needs to be cleaned out.