Statements by Senators – Australia Society: Motherhood, Friday 10 November 2023

Senator BABET (Victoria—United Australia Party Whip) (13:48): I want to use my time today to talk about a subject rarely mentioned in this place and yet more important to the future of this great nation than almost any other topic that you might care to name. There is no role as vital as motherhood, and yet I would argue that it is not just a role; it is a calling, the highest calling in our land. How do I know that? Because I saw what my mum did for me, how much she sacrificed. Like with most children, it’s only as I’ve grown older that I’ve understood the fullness of what she did.

Unfortunately, our culture has decided to rank raising children low on the scale of importance, below travelling the world, below going out with friends and certainly below pursuing a career. Now, my mum is a highly intelligent, highly capable women who could have put her time and effort into any number of things, but she chose to put her time and effort into me and my brother.

My life was vastly improved not by the state but by my mum. Government can’t love you, a policy cannot comfort you, but a good mum can make the world of difference. To all mums in our country, not least of all a very special mum who is hopefully watching at home, thank you. We honour you, we see you and, most importantly, we need more of you. We need to lift up motherhood. It is the most important, most crucial and, unfortunately, one of the least appreciated roles that we have in our society. Without a strong family unit, we will lose Australia—make no mistake—so here’s to the mums out there, the forgotten heroes of our nation. To the dads, don’t worry, I have something planned for you next week.